5000 Porta Potties Needed

Inauguration Day Temporary Toilets Needed

inauguration toilets portable temporaryEvery 4 years Washington, D. C. finds itself in need of 5000+ portable toilets and temporary restrooms for inauguration day. This year they are expecting over 2,000,000 people to attend the event – that’s one toilet for every 400 people – not a ratio we recommend for your special event in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Determining the number of portable toilets needed is not rocket science, but several factors do need to be taken in to consideration:

  • Number of men and women expected
  • Number of families or infants
  • Number of ADA toilets needed
  • Will food and beverages be served
  • Expected weather
  • Length of the event

When taking into consideration all of these factors, the upper limit ratio for most events would be in the neighborhood of 1 toilet for every 100 people. If you’re having a wedding reception or an lengthy event serving a lot of alcohol, then you want to think in terms of 1 portable toilet for every 70 people.

So just think about the inaugural event in Washington, D.C. – at 400 to 1 and distance to the facilities to consider, we can expect more than a few embarrassing moments – not something we would want to happen at your event.

Call the professionals at Bay Area Restrooms to help you determine how many portable toilets and temporary restrooms you need for event in the San Francisco Bay Area – we cover all 9 counties!

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