Restrooms & Toilets are Often in Short Supply

Don’t let your event suffer from a short supply of temporary restrooms and portable toilets. recently asked the question Public Restrooms Downtown: Were There Enough For the Parade and Fireworks?

It’s a good question for Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin and all East Bay communities that host special events. Whether it’s a parade, fireworks display, sporting event, music concert, political rally or some other special event, l lack of sufficient temporary restrooms and portable toilets to service the needs of the crowd is one way to build a negative lasting memory in attendees.

I imagine most everyone has a story to tell about attending an event where there weren’t enough temporary restrooms & portable toilets to handle the crowd. An adequate number of restrooms & toilets isn’t the only consideration – great reliable service has to be part of the package as well. We all have stories to tell in that department as well!

Bay Area Restrooms provides portable toilets & temporary restrooms for all kinds of special events, sporting events, construction site needs, and disaster relief. We’ve been in business 30 years and are know for fair pricing, reliable service and great customer service.

If you’re planning an event in Danville,San Ramon, Dublin or Pleasanton CA, let Bay Area Restrooms help you determine how many temporary restrooms and portable toilets you’ll need to help attendees stay focused on your event.

Bay Area Restrooms

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